Swiss gherkins: a 2018 season that keeps its promises

Swiss gherkins: a 2018 season that keeps its promises


The gherkin/cucumber season on Swiss soil ends after a scorching summer. The opportunity for the company Reitzel to draw a new balance sheet of this crop 2018, and to pay tribute to producers of pickles in Switzerland through a new video.

29th October 2018

Hot weather and short season

The record temperatures recorded in July/August have accelerated the growth of Swiss pickles/cucumbers, which can grow up more than 2cm per day.

These peaks of heat have also made harvests difficult for producers, as Jean-Marc Biselx producer in Conthey (VS) explains: “the temperatures on the field were being some days close to 40 ° C, which complicates the task of the workers. However, this hot and dry weather will at least have prevented some diseases”. At the end of this 2018 season, Jean-Marc Biselx was able to harvest more than 55 tons of fruit. A magnificent record for this beginner in pickles crop, who embarked on the adventure for the first time in 2018 with 2 hectares!

For Edouard Cosandey, producer of pickles since 2017 in Chessel (VD), the feedback is similar: “last year we had 3 months of harvest, and this year only 2 months because of high temperatures. Everything grew too fast! But our record is generally positive because we were able to harvest 30 tons of gherkins/cucumbers this year, which is a much better result compared to 2017 when our crops were destroyed by the hail. “

The Reitzel company, for its part, is making a very satisfactory assessment of this 2018 season. The factory has been able to pack more than 430 tons of Swiss pickles and cucumbers, compared to 400 tons in 2017. Thanks to the work and vigilance of the producers, and despite a season accelerated by the high temperatures, the quality and size of the harvested fruits were also better compared to the previous season.

As a reminder, Reitzel is currently the only player on the Swiss market to offer a range of gherkins/cucumbers grown on Swiss soil, labelled HUGO in tribute to the name of the company’s founder in 1909.


A tribute to 12 producers

This 2018 review is also an opportunity for the Reitzel company to thank the Swiss producers with whom it has collaborated during the season, despite the difficult harvest conditions they had to face. Among these 12 farmers and like Jean-Marc Biselx, nearly half of them were indeed novices in the pickle culture.

During the summer, Reitzel followed with a shooting crew the different stages of cultivation within the farms of these producers, and invites you to discover the video on this page. From sowing in May to peak harvest in July, the purpose of these images is to pay tribute to the work done by these producers of gherkins.