Local industries, FairTrade certification, Global Gap, organic products… Discover all our sustainable development projects and commitments across our different sectors.

Our commitment to more responsible farming

We support local gherkin industries

It was a real challenge to revive gherkin farming in both France and Switzerland, however the concept of going back to eating local produce was extremely popular amongst consumers. And we couldn’t have done it without the support of dedicated farmers!

We have been awarded FairTrade certification

In 2016 we received FairTrade certification for the production of baby corn and for more than 500 Indian farmers, spread across 2 cooperatives. Around 200 tonnes of baby corn are produced each year for Reitzel with this certification.

In 2017, the Reitzel group promoted the certification of a new cooperative of Indian gherkin farmers, becoming the 1st producer of FairTrade-certified gherkins in India.

We are a member of Global Gap (Global Good Agricultural Practices)

This voluntary certification organisation, now a renowned international standard for agricultural production, aims to ensure safe and sustainable production for farmers, retailers and consumers worldwide.

Reitzel decided to adopt a pilot Local Gap programme in 2016 on its R&D farms in India with 30 contracted farmers.

We develop organic products

Reitzel is committed to supporting organic farming through a steady increase in the number of organic gherkins it purchases from Poland and Germany.

One of its medium-term objectives is also to grow organic-certified gherkins in India, its largest source of supplies. To date, a number of pleasing organic farming trials have been conducted in plastic greenhouses with a partner farmer, allowing Reitzel to establish a number of good practises with a view to then multiplying these initiatives with other Farmers.