The Reitzel group videos

Quirky ads, stories on our agricultural sectors, interviews, and a lot more : you will find on this page all the videos made about the Reitel group and its brands.


Is it really safe to eat our crunchy cornichons on the mountains?

Hugo Reitzel Saga

Roller Skater

The most funky cornichon in town.

You will laugh out loud!

Eating a cornichon never been so funny.

The attractive Cornichon

Who said that eating cornichon on the beach is not sexy?!

The restaurant

A cornichon can be a source of misunderstandings.

A group, a history, and its values

The story of Hugo Reitzel

The story of Hugo Reitzel in two minutes. Because a short video is better than a long speech!

Tribute video

A tribute to our farmers partners who are working with us on the HUGO products, 100% made in Switzerland.