Hugo Reitzel

Hugo Reitzel is the Group’s historical Swiss brand, named after the founder of the company. Hugo Reitzel covers a wide range of condiments, from traditional pickles to antipasti, mustards, dips and salad dressings.

The condiment since 1909

When Hugo Reitzel moved to Aigle in 1909 to set up his company, he couldn’t have imagined just how large it would grow…

More than 100 years later, the brand has now become a benchmark within the Swiss condiment and pickle industry. Hugo Reitzel products are prepared and produced in Aigle, in the canton of Vaud. This historical factory, which is also the company’s headquarters, is the only pickle canning factory in Switzerland.

Hugo Reitzel presents… HUGO !

Hugo Reitzel continues its commitment to supporting Swiss farming and local products by launching HUGO, its new range of products grown by Swiss farmers.

This new range, paying homage to Reitzel’s founder, is comprised of the following products:

·        Pickles (gherkins, cucumbers, curried courgettes and mushrooms)

·        Mustards (semi-strong, wild garlic, whole grain, spicy)

·        Mayonnaise

·        Vinegars (apple and herbal)

All the ingredients used to make these products are grown in Switzerland.

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