Jardin d’Orante

Jardin d’Orante is the Reitzel Group’s French brand, dedicated to large-scale distribution.

The mission behind Jardin d’Orante is to enhance the work of farmers by collaborating with 3-star chef Marc Veyrat to create a selection of innovative, original pickle and dressing recipes to enjoy every day of the Week.

United by common values, such as natural ingredients and a taste for the finer things in life, Marc Veyrat and Jardin d’Orante continue to develop and refine recipes for organic oil-free salad dressings, organic olive oils, and balsamic vinegars, as well as a wide range of gherkin products, including French Gherkins and aromatic gherkins.

Gherkins: a legacy of expertise

Jardin d’Orante and Marc Veyrat began developing creative gherkin recipes back in 2013. Since then, 3 ranges have been launched:

A range dedicated to the dinner table for traditional consumption: classic recipes with a creative twist, delicately flavoured with tarragon

An aperitif range sold in glass jars, and, since 2017 in sachets: recipes that swap acidity for sweetness and an experience rich in flavour for the perfect snack or aperitif.


Since 2016, Reitzel and Jardin d’Orante have been working tirelessly to revive the French gherkin industry on a large scale. The aim: to offer a gherkin that is sown, harvested and bottled in France at an accessible price.

In order to reconstruct this agricultural sector in a sustainable way, Jardin d’Orante contacted a number of farmers motivated to diversify their crops and proclaim Reitzel’s “Made in France” project loud and clear. Growing from just 2 in 2016, we now have 11 farmers on board in 2018.

It is thanks to this collaboration that Jardin d’Orante is able to offer its consumers a French alternative to the range of gherkins currently available in supermarkets and superstores*. This 100% local product responds to the legitimate requirements of consumers who are becoming more and more mindful of the quality and the origin of the food they eat.

With the support of distributors and suppliers, Jardin d’Orante and these eleven French gherkin farmers have built a solid partnership and have created a large number of jobs across France.


Jardin d’Orante offers consumers original, addictive recipes, ranging from aromatic organic olive oils to oil-free organic salad dressings (made with acacia gum, a natural dietary fibre) and balsamic vinegars.


*85% of gherkins sold in France come from India, the remaining 15% originating from Eastern Europe.