Pickles account for 79% of the group’s turnover. Gherkins, capers, baby corn… Over the years, Reitzel has become a recognised specialist in the production of these delicious condiments.

Delicious Pickles

Reitzel’s gherkins, cucumbers, baby corn, capers, onions and mushrooms have earned the group its fame. Garnish your everyday meals with our delicious condiments!

Whether for retail trade or the food service industry, Reitzel offers a varied range of pickles:

  • Gherkins (thin, semi-thin, extra-thin, flavoured with herbs, hot, etc.)
  • Cucumbers (sweet and sour, strips, slices, etc.)
  • Onions (white, borettane, balsamic, etc.)
  • Baby corn (FairTrade)
  • Courgettes (curried)
  • Capers and caperberries
  • Peppers (grilled, garlic, etc.)
  • Chillies (jalapeños, banana peppers, etc.)
  • Mushrooms (chanterelles, button mushrooms)

A pickle revolution

By building on a plethora of savoir-faire, we at Reitzel are constantly on the lookout for original recipes and new flavours to delight our taste buds and further broaden our wide range of condiments.

When it comes to pickles, the possibilities are endless! And, above all, they’re perfect for every occasion: on the side, as an aperitif, or a simple snack.

Our mission is to put our expertise to use within the world of pickles to develop a range of creative flavours!

If you have any questions or ideas related to pickles or our pickled vegetable recipes, don’t hesitate to contact us.