Bravo Hugo

Have you ever tasted Hugo’s miniature organic delights? Of course, they’re awesome!

For more than 100 years, Hugo has been devoting himself to providing his friends with the optimal dining experience through healthy products. Preparing organic recipes has become a matter of course. Bravo Hugo for your delicious pickles!


Bravo Hugo for providing us with everyday products that get us thinking outside the jar in the kitchen.

We’ve gone completely crackers over your crunchy gherkins: not just because they’re organic, but because they’re so damn tasty (probably because you’re up at the crack of dawn to pick them whilst they’re fresh!). Your aromatic oils and vinaigrettes encourage us to make scrumptious, wholesome salads.

So bravo Hugo for bringing nature into our kitchens and onto our tables with such incredible flavour: stop by for dinner whenever you want, you’re always welcome!


Bravo Hugo for your irresistibly crunchy gherkins and your deliciously flavoured capers!

Ever since we met, I’ve been leaning to keep things interesting with your various condiments. I’m as cool as a cucumber in the kitchen thanks your delicious sweet and sour dill gherkins – it’s never been easier to impress my guests.  They add a subtle tangy edge to my home-made organic burgers. The same goes for your white wine vinegar and tarragon gherkins: straight from France, this unique recipe makes the perfect accompaniment to a cheese and charcuterie board.

I’ve got a soft spot for your 2-vinegar gherkins with their touch of balsamic. I crunch on them by themselves straight from the jar: the hint of sweetness blends perfectly with the acidity of the fruit. Cider vinegar pickled gherkins? A classic!

I’m also addicted to your tarragon capers. They have a deliciously aromatic flavour. It’s my secret weapon when I want to add a little punch to my tartares, salads and fish.

  • Tarragon extra-thin organic pickled capers 22.8 cl
  • White wine vinegar and tarragon organic pickled gherkins 37 cl
  • 2-vinegar and balsamic organic pickled gherkins 37 cl
  • Cider vinegar organic pickled gherkins 72 cl
  • Sweet and sour dill organic pickled gherkins 72 cl


Bravo Hugo products are available in France, in the following specialist organic stores:

Biocoop, Naturalia, L’Eau Vive

& in numerous independent organic stores across France.