Local Products

In 2015 in France and Switzerland, we began offering a range of products produced using ingredients grown on our own farms under our two brands Jardin d’Orante and Hugo Reitzel.

Our products made using locally grown ingredients

Since 2015, the Reitzel Group has been actively working to develop its range of products made using locally grown ingredients in its main markets, i.e. France and Switzerland.

Whilst this strategy is in line with a number of commitments made by the Group to support responsible farming, it also responds to the needs of customers, more and more of whom define themselves as “locavores” and who are increasingly conscious of where the food that they eat comes from.

In line with this mission, in 2015, Reitzel Switzerland launched a jar of 100% Swiss pickles, followed in 2017 by a complete range of pickles, named HUGO, comprising gherkins, cucumbers, curried courgettes and mushrooms. And in 2018, mustards, mayonnaise and vinegars joined this family of products, made exclusively from Swiss farm produce.

In 2016, Reitzel France also launched a new range of gherkins, all of which are entirely “Made in France”, under its brand Le Jardin d’Orante. An ambitious project, which required the reconstruction of an entire agricultural sector in France for this small yet exceptional fruit.

So, what does Reitzel hope to achieve over the next few years? To broaden its range of local products to other speciality condiments, and sustainably continue its commitment with Swiss and French Farmers!