Energy and resource management

Reitzel currently has 4 factories, all of which consume water, fossil fuels and electricity. We are working tirelessly to reduce our consumption, prioritising energy efficiency by embarking upon the journey to obtaining ISO 50001 certification… quite a challenge!

Our objectives for 2019

Reitzel has established a set of specific objectives for 2019 in terms of energy resource management:

  • To reduce its water, fossil fuel and electricity consumption by 5% in 3 years across all sectors
  • To begin the ISO 50001 certification process for all Reitzel production sites, and to make improving the Group’s energy efficiency an essential component of its activities. The certification process will start with the Reitzel Switzerland production site, with a view to having the certification validated for this site before the end of 2019.

Reitzel has defined the following areas of focus:

  • Controlling and reducing energy consumption
  • Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources
  • What modes of transport we use, i.e train, car, plane, including what type of cars we use (diesel, petrol, hybrid, electric)
  • Recycling waste, which, rather than being processed within in the factory, could be used to generate energy in a specialised site
  • Considering energy efficiency criteria when carrying out new works, developing new engineering designs, and purchasing Equipment.