Organic Products

Organic products are a major growth avenue for Reitzel. Through our wide range of Jardin d’Orante organic products, our private label products, and our new organic brand “Bravo Hugo”, launched in 2018, we are committed to offering more and more products year on year that are made from organically grown ingrédients.

Jardin d’Orante products

The idea behind Jardin d’Orante is simple: to treat you to healthy, gourmet products! The Jardin d’Orante range is made up of a wide selection of products made using organically farmed ingredients, notably olive oil and oil-free salad dressings.

The recipes used to make these products are monitored by the control and certification body ECOCERT, which awards products the AB label after validating their origin, quality and traceability.

The group’s organic brand: Bravo Hugo

In 2018, the Reitzel Group accelerated its development within the organic sector by creating a brand of pickles and seasonings created using 100% organically farmed ingredients, specially designed for specialist organic networks.

The range includes several references of pickles (gherkins and capers) deliciously flavoured and from French and European chains.

These products are currently available in a variety of specialist stores across France.

Our private label organic products

Reitzel has also been boosting its positioning within the organic product sector by producing several organic pickles for its partner distributors in Switzerland and France.

If you are a distributor and want to find out more about our organic products and our private label product development opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.