United Courage

At Reitzel, we work collaboratively to broaden our beliefs and continue to develop our identity.

Our experiences have led us to conclude that courage is the ultimate cardinal value that we should be striving to promote and nurture throughout our day-to-day work.

The “Reitzel Attitude”

The “Reitzel Attitude” is what we strive to achieve each day in all our business relationships.

The Reitzel Attitude is an expression of courage. Compassion, energy, audacity, determination and resilience. Never giving up, never becoming discouraged, never being afraid, never betraying our values through worthless compromises, and knowing how to say “no”.

Always seeking to respect ourselves by respecting others and respecting the natural world that sustains us.

United Courage

At Reitzel, the notion of “United Courage” is expressed through the following 4 key values:

1. The “United Courage” is about daring to challenge ideas and going against the grain!

At Reitzel, this is the number-one rule. It means being able to question yourself, always striving to learn more, not being afraid of exploring and inventing new ideas, and sometimes getting it wrong… and starting again!

2. The “United Courage” is about respecting yourself, others and nature

Respect is in our DNA. We show respect every day, through the compassionate relationships that we have with our colleagues. We also show respect on a societal level through our philanthropic and environmental commitments.

3. The “United Courage” is about developing team spirit!

We all share the same vision: to become the benchmark within the pickle industry! However, it’s not always easy to work “together”. So, we challenge ourselves by stepping outside of our comfort zone, proud of who and what we are as a group!

4. The “United Courage” is about being conscientious without taking yourself too seriously!

Our flagship product, the gherkin, is synonymous with pleasure, joy and merriment! We have been jovial in the creation of our signature product through our company culture and our quirky tone, without this affecting the quality of our products and services.