The Pickle Company

Since it was founded, Reitzel has cultivated a distinct expertise, passion and taste for pickles, which has earned it the undeniable position as a leading specialist in its sector. The gherkin reigns supreme throughout our assortment of pickles (onions, capers, baby corn, jalapeños, etc.)

Our mission

To respect and transform vegetables into delicious pickled products for a healthy, happy diet!

Our vision

Within the world of pickles, Reitzel seeks to be the benchmark brand in terms of creativity, competitiveness and attractiveness, in order to best serve its customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our philosophy

A Taste for Balance: We seek to achieve balance in all our actions and decisions. All values are given the same importance. All employees receive the same care and attention.

Our expertise

“Flavour, Fun, Good Food, Tradition, Nature”

These are the values around which our teams develop all of our products and recipes. Going beyond simple savoir-faire, Reitzel combines expertise with a taste for balance.

More than 100 years old yet forward-looking
A family business yet managed by professionals
A specialist in pickles yet the proud manufacturer of varied product ranges
Geared towards efficiency and productivity yet driven by human values. REITZEL: a taste for balance!

Bernard Poupon, CEO