We’re all French gherkins producers!

We’re all French gherkins producers!


Find out about our operation “My homemade cornichon”, launched by our brand Jardin d’Orante.

07th  September 2018

2018 marks the third year of the revival of the French gherkin and a new turn for the project which sees the number of farmers double! They are now eleven … and more if we count the 4,400 budding farmers who have been able to cultivate at home this fruit of the French heritage through the operation “My homemade cornichon”. No doubt in 2018 the revival of the French gherkin is gaining Momentum!


An unprecedented operation

Cultivating gherkins in France is not an easy task… to make consumers aware of the challenge of this revival, Le Jardin d’Orante has offered to put their hands to the ground by engaging in a new operation called “My homemade cornichon”.


More than 102,000 entries

The brand has put 4,400 kits at their disposal to grow their pickles! From June 1 to July 14, they were able to order their kit for free on the website www.moncornichonmaison.fr. The Kit proposed by the Jardin d’Orante contains the essentials for sowing, cultivating and preparing its own Made In France pickle. This year, the transaction accounted for more than 102,000 holdings! A real success for the revival of the 100% Made in France gherkin .