The revival of the French gherkin industry is on track

The revival of the French gherkin industry is on track


The year 2018 marks a new stage in the revival of the French pickle, which continues to gain momentum season after season.

30th October 2018

It has been two years since Reitzel relaunched the French gherkin industry under its brand Jardin d’Orante . Two years dedicated to (re)learning, with our farmers partners, this complex culture that had gradually disappeared from our fields, to migrate to India, its land of origin. Two years to build fair and sustainable agreements with supermarkets, a prerequisite for the development of a sustainable agricultural sector that meets the expectations of consumers, a cornichon 100% Made In France with an affordable price.



And the least we can say is that this recovery of the French gherkin industry is on track. A glance at the numbers is enough to convince: the 2018 harvest, carried by 11 farmers (against 2 in 2016 and 5 in 2017), exceeded its objectives. The total area of ​​cultivation has increased from 10 hectares in 2017 to 17 hectares, allowing a harvest of 216 tons of French pickles, well beyond the initial target of 204 tons and especially way more than the 137 tons harvested last year!



A very positive crop balance, which is also reflected in production figures: over 71,000 units (boxes and jars combined) for the Food Service have already been produced, to which must be added nearly 600 000 jars of French gherkins stamped Jardin d’Orante promised to the shelves of supermarkets. A great success for this revival which now covers four French departments: Le Loir-et-Cher, Sarthe, Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire.



As a reminder, Jardin d’Orante is today the only brand to offer 100% Made In France cornichons, in supermarkets. An alternative for consumers, most of the gherkins being actually sown in India.