Fairtrade certification for our long-standing commitment

Fair Trade at Reitzel


Find out how Reitzel has been committed since 2016 to supporting the FairTrade label with its farming partners, and our objectives for 2019.


Our FairTrade Commitment


We at Reitzel have been committed to promote and help the farming community and are proud that our initiatives have met the social, economic and environmental standards set by the Fairtrade organization.

In 2016, Reitzel obtained the Fairtrade certification for the production of baby corn, harvested by over 500 farmers spread across two cooperatives. Around 350-400 tons of Fairtrade baby corn are now produced yearly.

In 2018, the creation of a new farmers’ cooperative of gherkins has been put forward. Reitzel is the first producer of Fairtrade certified gherkins in India.

For 2019, our goal is to produce 1000 tons of gherkins under Fairtrade with 3 cooperatives.