Zey-Tur-San, the Turkish leader in the condiment market, produces pickles, sauces, olives, cooked vegetables and other specialities.
Located in the famous village of Gedelek (near Orhangazi) in the Bursa region since 1985, the company produced the first pasteurised pickles in the Turkish market, distributed under the Berrak brand name.
Thanks to its partnership with Reitzel, the brand has achieved international success.



High-quality raw materials

Through the seasons, from planting (February to June) to harvesting (May to December), Berrak is committed to growing, harvesting and processing high-quality raw materials.

70% of its vegetables come from Turkish farmers with whom Berrak has signed contracts.
In addition, Berrak produces 30% of its produce in its own fields in the Bursa region.

A broad range of products

Pickled products: gherkins, mixed pickles, sweet peppers, hot peppers, jalapenos, beets, aubergines, garlic, cabbage, onions, corn, vine leaves, capers

Sauces: hot sauce, ‘Dobipa’ sauce, lemon salad dressing, basil sauce

Cooked vegetables: marinated sweet peppers, cooked aubergines, cooked aubergine salad

Olives : green olives, stuffed olives, crushed olives

Condiments : corn, sun-dried tomatoes, peas/carrots, mushrooms


210 ml to 2650 ml glass containers

3 L and 5 L PET containers

Bags: 300 ml and 2.5 L

Cans: 3 L, 5 L and 20 L

Pails: 18 L

Discover Berrak online

Come and discover the full range of Berrak products at and purchase Berrak products in our online shop.

Brine-pickled products:
Are they good for you?

Brine-pickled products are extremely wholesome and healthy because brine-pickling is the result of lactic acid fermentation, which is caused by lactic acid bacteria found on the surface of fruits and vegetables. This acid preserves the product and its nutrients. It protects the vitamins and minerals contained in the product and prevents the development of diseases that cause microorganisms to form.

About canning:

Canning is a method of preserving food that provides a longer shelf-life and preserves the food’s nutrients. Canned foods are made by filling tin cans, glass jars or other packaging with fruits or vegetables, and sealing them tightly. Pasteurisation and sterilisation technologies kill any resistant microorganisms.
We do not use preservatives in our canned vegetables. Our vegetables, which are always fresh, are packaged in jars with lightly salted brine and are then pasteurised.

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